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General Questions

Are there any special operating procedures?

The VAL6 portable radiant heater is incredibly simple to operate. Just add enough clean kerosene or diesel to the fuel tank to see the fuel gauge show that it is no longer “empty”, plug the grounded cord into a 110VAC (60Hz) power outlet or a DC-AC 150W inverter (only 80-125W required) and flip the operating switch to the “ON” position. To shut down, move the switch to the “OFF” position and wait for self cleaning and cool down phase to complete before unplugging the VAL6.

Why can’t I order my heater online?

We have a really unique heater and want to ensure it is right for your needs. NAPA Associates all around the country are ready to assist you with a demo and ordering.If you are having trouble finding an associate just give us a call.

How do we contact you?

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Radiant Heat

What is radiant heat?

Radiant heat most commonly refers to light energy that is below the visible color spectrum (infrared).

How does radiant heat work?

Radiant heat is emitted from an object and absorbed by another object along a direct line-of-sight. All objects are interacting radiantly; if they are at different temperatures, heat is exchanged.

What’s the difference between radiant heat and infrared heat?

There is no fundamental difference between radiant heat and infrared heat; the terms are practically interchangeable. Technically speaking, the term “radiant” refers to the heat exchange process, while the term “infrared” refers to the color, or wavelength, of the electromagnetic energy involved.

Why is radiant heat better vs. forced air heaters?

Radiant heat can be considered a better alternative to forced air heaters because of both the fundamental nature of radiant heat and its application to portable heating. A VAL6 portable radiant heater keeps combustion air in its chamber longer for a complete burn, then beams infrared energy directly to surface of an object in view of its Radiation Disc with minimal interaction with the surrounding air, allowing more of the fuel energy to be converted to useful heat. Forced air heaters use additional energy to move air and do not allow for complete combustion of fuel, resulting in lower efficiency, noxious airborne fuel vapors, and poor control of where your energy ends up going.

VAL6 Heaters

What kind of fuel can be used with VAL6 heaters?

VAL6 Portable Radiant Heaters can burn kerosene and fuel oil no heavier than No.2 (Diesel). DO NOT USE GASOLINE.

Can I use Bio-diesel with a VAL6 Heater?

Yes, up to B5 (5% biodiesel, 95% petrodiesel).

There are no data at this time for using higher Bio-diesel contents. Using higher than recommended Bio-diesel contents may lead to performance degradation.

How long will the VAL6 radiant heaters last?

The VAL6 Portable Radiant Heater is designed to far outlast its 2-year warranty. Though it is not true in all cases and use environments, with proper care and maintenance, VAL6 units have been known to last more than 20 years.

Can the Daystar or KBE5S-V be equipped with a thermostat?


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How long does the warranty last for each VAL6 portable radiant heaters?

2 years (24 months)

How do I keep my VAL6 heater working well?

In order to keep your VAL6 Portable Radiant Heater running in tip-top shape, it is important to use good-quality fuel and perform regular maintenance as directed in your user’s manual.

Where do I order parts for VAL6 radiant heater?

You may browse genuine VAL6 parts in the Parts & Accessories section on our site.

Or you can find parts for your VAL6 Portable Radiant Heater at your local NAPA Auto Parts Store.

What are the uses of portable VAL6 radiant heaters?

VAL6 Portable Radiant Heaters are great for almost any portable heating application imaginable as long as care is taken to avoid combustibles. From construction sites and repair shops to sporting events and outdoor hospitality settings… they are also good for thawing or curing materials… or keeping an orchard from freezing in a cold snap. You can even use them in a well ventilated indoor area.

Can I use my VAL6 heater indoors?

Yes! VAL6 Portable Radiant Heaters have been approved for use in well-ventilated indoor commercial or industrial applications. Just remember, they are not designed for indoor residential use. While the VAL6 is odorless, it still uses fire, which consumes oxygen, so some fresh air is always necessary.

What is the manufacturer's specification on Fresh Air/Make-Up Air for indoor use?

Minimum ventilation required for indoor use is 1,600 cuft /h (Normalized).

How much fuel can I save each season with a VAL6 heater?

VAL6 Portable Radiant Heaters are capable of competing effectively with heaters that consume up to three times the fuel, passing a savings of up to 67 cents on the dollar for every gallon of fuel, which can add up to thousands of dollars every season!

How much power does a VAL6 heater use?

Besides fuel, VAL6 Portable Radiant Heaters require a 110VAC (60 Hz) power source and use about as much power as a conventional incandescent light bulb. With the KBE5S-V at 100 W startup; 80W running and the Daystar at 125 W startup; 110 W running, you can even run them off of most portable power supplies or vehicle inverters.

Will a VAL6 heater run on my vehicle’s AC-DC inverter?

Yes! The VAL6 Portable Radiant Heater uses only about as power as a conventional Incandescent bulb and can easily be run from your vehicle’s inverter.

What safety feature are included / available for use with a VAL6 heater?

The VAL6 Portable Radiant Heater has many safety features, including a Tip-over switch, Electric Overload System (Fuse), Flame Monitor, and Fuel Preheater.

How much square footage does a VAL6 heater cover?

KBE5S-V ~ 3000 sqft. Daystar ~ 1700 sqft NOTE: The VAL6 Portable Radiant Heater is designed to radiate directly to an object in order to heat it, and while natural convection and re-radiation does occur between objects, traditional square footage coverage is not directly applicable and should not be taken as a design element. That being said, when the VAL6 is paired with an air circulation system, such as an EnergyLogic HVLS fan, large heating coverage can be achieved.

What kind of maintenance is required?

VAL6 is simple and easy to maintain. Under nominal conditions, where fresh, clean fuel is used and the unit is allowed to cycle through its full cooldown sequence before being unplugged, minimal inspection and maintenance are required and can be performed as seldom as seasonally. Under heavy, continuous use and in environments that may contain airborne contaminants, or if fuel quality is questionable, some simple inspections and maintenance may be performed as often as deemed necessary by the operator. General supervision and visual inspection of the VAL6 exterior for damage or improper operation should
be performed as often as it is used, to ensure safety.


Maintenance procedures that may be performed on the VAL6 include:

  • Draining the tank for storage or to remove suspected fuel contaminants
  • Replacing the fuel filter (only necessary if visibly fouled or damaged)
  • Cleaning the flame sensor (only necessary if experiencing performance issues)
  • Replacing the 3A fuse (only necessary if experiencing performance issues)
  • Replacing the nozzle (only necessary if experiencing performance issues)
Why choose VAL6?

VAL6 is the longest running, most reliable fuel fired portable radiant heater on the market. It is already #1 in Japan and is quickly proving its quality in the U.S. and Canada. For dependable, quieter, odorless operation with less than half the fuel consumption, choose VAL6 and start saving money on superior comfort today.

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