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For VAL6 Heaters purchased through a dealer other than NAPA AUTO PARTS, please visit: www.val6.com/distributors to locate the dealer nearest you.


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VAL6 Warranty Policy

VAL6 heaters are backed by our industry-leading 2 Year warranty. That’s twice as long as our competitors.

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Please refer to your manual for safety features and best practices when using your heater.

  • PREVENTION OF OVERHEATING: To prevent malfunction, the heater has an automatic shutdown system when main body reaches temperatures above normal level.
  • TIP-OVER PROTECTION: Heater will automatically shut off when heater falls or receives a strong impact.
  • OVER-VOLTAGE DETECTION: To prevent malfunction of main components, heater will automatically shut down when it detects over voltage conditions.
  • FLAME MONITOR: The Flame monitor will shut the heater off if it detects low flame or no flame.
  • CAUTION: Do not try to ignite the heater more than 3 times in a row (see safety decal on the unit)*
    If the heater does not ignite the first time, do not try to ignite more than two more times in a row there after because a fire may result. If the heater does not ignite after the third attempt, stop trying and consult your dealer prior to further operation of the heater
  • AFTER POWER OUTAGE: Prevention of automatic restart after a power outage prevents fire or undetectable accidents when the power is restored.

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